Battle foam Ork Kit for the P.A.C.K 432

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In this kit, you receive three trays that fit the following standard models:

  • 64x Boyz
  • 24x Grotz, Squigs or Small Models
  • 5x Lootaz or Burnaz
  • 5x Nobz or Larger Models
  • 3x Deffkoptas
  • 12x Warbikes with Spacers for Stacking
  • 3x Special Characters or Larger Models 
  • 2x Trukks

This kit fits perfectly in a P.A.C.K. 432 bag when loaded vertically.

Custom text is available on the trays where available.

Custom text or logos are not available on the toppers.

Kit equals out to 7.25 total inches (184 mm) of foam.

Tray Dimensions – 15.5W x 12L” (394W x 305L mm)

This kit will fit in the following Battle Foam Bags with room for extra foam trays: P.A.C.K. 720, P.A.C.K. 1520XL, and P.A.C.K. Go

Bag sold separately.

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