Painting Miniatures with LeniusRex Studios

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Join Tables & Towers and LeoniusRex  studios July 16th for out first ever painting miniatures class.


This class will teach you the skills you need to successfully paint miniatures from start to finish


Class will be in session July 16th 2022 from 12-6pm


Cost: $50


Paints, brushes, miniature’s and all supplies will be provided 


In this class students will learn 


  1. Clean/Prepare the Miniature
  2. Remove Flash and Mold Lines
  3. Apply Primer
  4. Attach to Base
  5. Decide on a Color Scheme
  6. Basecoat
  7. Apply Wash
  8. Drybrush and/or Blend
  9. Add Finishing Touches to Base


We only have 20 spots available, now is the best time to learn how to paint miniatures. Buy your tickets now!!




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